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CASE STUDY – Yarra Plenty

Yarra Plenty Regional Libraries (YPRL) builds its strategy on thinking outside the box when it comes to public libraries. For this reason, it came as no surprise when YPRL’s entrepreneurial spirit shone through in both its approach to procuring a new library management system (LMS) and creating a flexible structure that could take advantage of any future possibilities.


YPRL is a large regional library corporation that’s been servicing the residents of north-eastern Melbourne since the 1960s. Part of its vision is to provide local residents with opportunities for community connection through embracing the idea that a library can become a community learning loungeroom. Another is to offer smaller library services outside the corporation

the opportunity to enjoy the benefits afforded to large scale libraries via its hybrid consortia model, flexible enough to take onboard the unique requirements of almost any library service.


At the helm of this innovative library service is Jane Cowell, who has worked within the library environment for 30 years, arriving at YPRL four years ago to take up the position of CEO. In 2020, under Ms Cowell’s guidance YPRL carried out a review of its LMS.


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