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Schmooze Communications was established over 20 years ago, when a large global software company - frustrated by the poor outcomes it was experiencing with its large global marketing agency, decided to take matters into its own hands - approaching  a couple of IT publishing colleagues who they knew fully understood how the media worked from the inside. 

Setting up a marketing services business to service one large client is not a common practice, but as we looked around there seemed to be other organisations searching for an alternative to the big players. Offering transparency from end- to end and delivering tangible results on any budget, was a refreshing change for the organisations we served.   

Today we are still going strong – along with other like-minded colleagues, who are committed to delivering the results that give your sales team the leads they need to grow your business.


Tania Evans Greyscale.jpg
Tania Evans

As the founder of Schmooze, Tania has enjoyed many long-term client relationships over the last 20 years - always rising to the occasion when challenging situations arise. Identify what will have the most impact for a business in terms of marketing clout is her specialty.


Her philosophy is to always put the customer front and centre - especially her clients’ customers, who’s journeys are highly valued - showcasing their transformation for all prospective customer to see.


Gerard Norsa - Greyscale.jpg
Gerard Norsa

As  journalist by trade, Gerard sets the bar high when it comes to content. With his focus firmly on his audience, Gerard’s ability to put himself in the readers shoes means that he consistently delivers content that hits the mark and delivers the desired call to action.


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