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CASE STUDY – Royal Melbourne Hospital – Maintenance Management

The Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH), Melbourne’s oldest hospital, benefits from cost efficiencies, increased productivity and improved medical outcomes through using Hardcat asset management software to account for the maintenance schedule, storage and usage of all equipment used in its clinical operations.


Established in 1848, RMH is one of Victoria’s leading clinical and teaching hospitals. Its two city campuses utilise a large array of medical equipment for diagnosis, treatment, surgical procedures and recovery.


As its core objective, RMH’s Clinical Engineering Department (CED) is trusted with ensuring that over 10,000 individual assets are locatable, maintained, tested and in a reliable working condition at all times. Its inventory includes everything from Residual Current Devices protecting electric power outlets, through to patient monitoring systems in critical care environments. Many of these items are portable and used across multiple departments within the organisation’s two hospitals, dispersed satellite clinics and Aged Care facilities.

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